Eastern France
Champagne-Ardenne, Alsace, Lorraine, Bourgogne, Franche-Comte

      A rich and beautiful collage of historical regions like Alsace, Champagne-Ardenne, Lorraine, Bourgogne and Franche-Comte. A distinguished and successful past and that still hasn’t disappeared completely but that has been aroused by the many castles, forts, gothic cathedrals, romantic monasterys in the area. The landscapes are beautilful with extensive steppes and beautiful mountain formations (the Ardennes, the Jura moutains, Les Vosges, fruitful wine fields), wide rivers and thickly wooded forests. Everything is spiced with a unique and delicious culinary culture and excellent wines.

Cities and locations to visit
Dijon - in the Bourgogne- region, a real museum for european 13/1400th culture with authentic treasures of great value, like the duke palace in Nevers or the castle in Rochepot. Dijon, the capital of the region, has for a long time been the domicile for servicemen and rich merchants with well visited courts where big artists would gather, for example the Dutchman Claus Sluter that created the statue “the nun from Champol”, Italian and Flemish architects and sculptors, stone cutters from Bourgogne that buil palaces with spectacular roof colors. Today thwy keep much of the atristic wealth that the city had when it was the capital of Flandern and Bourgogne. Except for the pleasant walks you can have between antique houses and the rich decorated palaces with colorful roofs, this city has one of France most provided art museums with, among other things, grave monuments of dukes, the famous Birth of Christ by the Master from Flémalle and some works by Nicolas de Staël.

Troyes - was earlier the capital of Champagne and the most important culture centre of this region that you associate with the author Chrétien de Troyes, the creator of knight novels and “chansons de gest”, and one of the founders of the french language. During the Middle Ages the city was a important meeting place for merchants and craftsman and that is why it is a rich trade city, lately it has become a industrial city, but Troyes still preserves many churches that are real masterpieces, entire blocks of houses woven of cane, the only one in France, museum that tells you about the days of glory during the developement of the industrial society and from the daily rounds of the working classes (Musée de la bonnetterier, Musée de L’Outil et de la Pensée ouvrière).

Mulhouse - antique craftmans city with a “emellished” city hall. The new gothic temple in Saint-Etienne and the famous Car museum are also worth a visit.

Nancy - with the beautiful and harmonic ”old city” that the dukes made architectonic unique with Palais Ducal, Place de la Carrière, Place Stanislas, Place de l’Alliance and beautiful forged gratings. This place is perfect for the ones that love Art Noveau, since many of the most famous glass- and furniture desginers have studied at the school in Nancy.

Strasbourg - where the European council have their seat is a city situated at the river Rhen. This city has been the centre for many fights between France and Germany, but it has also attracted many artists from France and the Rhen-valley. The districts “Petite-France” are very beautiful with their half-timbered houses from the renaissance, Château des Rohan with three museums, a magnificent cathedral and synagogoue from 1230. Colmar, art- and culture centre with small, twisted streets and colorful houses.

Besancon - The birth place of Victor Hugo, centre of watch production and the first green city of France. The old city with its dominating citadel is characteristic.
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