The South &
The Alpes

      SOUTHERN FRANCE- Provence, Camargue, Languedoc, Aquitaine, Périgueux, The Pyrenees
Pleasant climate and a beautiful landscape: from the perfect Mont Venoux to the grandiose Var coast, from the French Riviera to Provence, Camargue, Languedoc, The peaks of th Pyrenees, Périgueux and Bordeaux, the kingdom of the great wines.
Southern France smells wonderful of lavender, wine, truffle and foie gras..

Cities and locations to visit
Aix-en-Provence, the birth place of Cèzanne, this is where the Saint-Vicotrie mountain that the painter so often painted is situated. Take a walk on cours Mirabeau or in the old districts of the city with its sweet smelling and colorful markets, typical for Provence. Avignon, a historical Pope seat, with a large and mighty Pope palace, but also Petit Palace, the city museum, the lively streets, the famous Pont St. Bénézet and Pont d’Avignon are all worth a visit. Camargue: nature area with a special animal life. In Provence the antique romans have left several traces after them: a road lined with columns in Vaison-la-Romaine, the oldest theatre of France in Orange and the large roman city Glanums ruines with forums, temples and the triumph arc of Ceasar in Saint-Rémy. Arles with the large amphi theatre, augunistic theatre and the many sunflower fields known from the paintings of Van Gogh. Pont du Gard with a roman three row acqueduct. Nîmes, with Maison Carrée (a temple provided with columns) and a arena on where the bullfights take place, it holds over 20 000 spectators. This is where the antique road that connects the Alpes with the Pyrenees passes by. The Pyrenees: centre for culture and history with wonderful landscapes, among others Pic du Canigou that dominates the chain with its steep mountain passes, percipices, monasterys and villages. Saint-Martin du Canigou and Saint Michel de Cuxa are splendid monasterys in a romantic style. Villefranche de Conflet has 1000 steps that connects the citadel with the fort of the city. Several ski- and spa resorts like Luchon and localities with a magnificent snow depths like Piau-Angaly, Gavarnie-Gédre (with a waterfall of 442 m), Gourette and the National park of The Pyrenees. On the way to Santigo di Compostela you pass the romantic cathedral in Saint-Benard-de-Comminges that is remarkable. Toulouse: with pink colored antique palaces. Do not forget to visit the cathedral Saint-Sernin, the largest church of the Romantics, among the city museumswe can mention the Augustins and Castres with paintings by Goya. Finally we recommend a visit to the basquian localities Saint Jean de Port, Saint Jean.

THE ALPES- Southern and nothern Alpes
This mountain chain has countless riches that you can enjoy both during the summer and during the winter. Giddy panoramas and nerv tickeling steeps, sleepy mountain villages and well equipped ski resorts with modern alpine facilities; winter resorts suitable for families and sport interested, that are traditional or modern, on middle height or on high peaks, for beginners or for the extrem skiers.

Cities and locations to visit
Chamonix, Grenoble, Albertville are olympic ski resorts. At the foot of the Alpes we find Thonon-les-Bains, the village Yvoire, the well equipped ski resorts Châtel, Morzine and Avoriaz. The Grande Chartreuse massif really looks like a fortress shaped by nature. The lake Annecy, the streets and the city gates in Chambéry and in Grenoble; on a high height you find Chamonix, the main resort of alpine sports. Val d’Isere with the ski resorts Les Arcs, La Plagne, Méribel, Les Ménuires or, if you enjoy the luxurious, Courchevel. During the summer there are many treasures from the baroque to explore in the Maurienne valley. South of Briancon, the city that is situated at the highest height in Europe, you find the Mercatour park and the majestic passes at Verdun. The alpine panorama also includes northern Provence with the beautiful localities Digne, Forcalquier, Manosque, Ganagobie, Entrevaux and finally Mont Ventoux.
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