"The Paris of Southern Europe"
The Capital of Romania

Triumphal Arch of Bucharest

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Bucharest - Piata Universitati
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Bucharest - Piata Unirii

Bucharest-the old part of the city
    Bucharest is a city that dates back to the 1400th century, the time when Count Dracula ruled over the country. Vlad Tsepes, as his real name was, is buried ca 40km outside of Bucharest, in a church on an island in the beautiful lake Snagov, a popular nature and recreation area.

As the cultural, political and economical centre of Romania, Bucharest is a important city in Europe, and the most visited city in Romania.

The city has several museums like:
"Muzeul Satului"(etnographic museum). The largest outdoor museum in Europe, with over 2000 buildings from the whole country,
"Muzeul Antipa" (science museum)
National art museum and several art galleries, historical locations and treatment clinics.
The Parliament building of Romania - a famous building in Bucharest, the palace of the former dictator Nicolae Ceaucescu is one of the largest buildings in the world.

The city is also well visited by buisness men, thanks to markets and exhibitions that are arranged every year.

In Bucharest there are also many cultural happenings: concerts with classical or modern music, operas, ballet, puppet-shows, circuses etc.

The visitors of the city can enjoy several different restaurants, bars, discotheques,night clubs with cabaré shows and casinos.

Bucharest is a city with flowering gardens and parks, wide boulevards, an Arc de Triomphe (a copy of the one in Paris), a beautiful combination between the 1700th century and modern architecture. It is surrounded by verdure, recreation areas and lakes.

BUCHAREST - A perfect weekend alternative, close to the Carpates and to the beaches of the Black Sea.

The palace of Ceaucescu-Today the Parliament of Romania

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Atheneum -
concert house

Bucharest - Odobesti Nightclub

Etnographic museumt

Park Herastrau with Casa Sciintei in the background

The Royal Castle

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