Thousands of night clubs, culture and history!

Centre of Madrid

Puerta de Europa

The Prado museum
    Since the 1500th century, when the Royal Court settled here, the city has grown and made room for a anarchistic city plan, aswell as beautiful gardens and parks. Madrid is a fascinating metropolis that should be experienced during every hour of the day!

Paseo della Castillana is the big pulse of the city since the 1700th century, together with the Prado museum. Puerta del Sol is the centre of the city, a beautiful squarewith statues of Venus, the Bear, Mandroņo and King Charles III. Among some attractions we would like to mention Alcalā, the most splendid street of Madrid, the street of the handicraft men Calle Toledo, Jardins de las Vistillas and Palacio Real.

During the night Madrid lightens up, the famous spanish “movida”, the young inhabitants of Madrid love to enjoy themselves and spend the night is some of the thousands nightclubs and bars. In one street there are more bars than there is in entire Sweden.

The spanish capital is a world metropolis where you can combine historical and cultural interests with entertainment. Let yourself be enchanted by the flamenco in one of the nightclubs!
The Royal Castle
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Puerta del Sol

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