The land of the Midnight Sun

Two "samis" in their traditional costume

  LAPLAND and the Northern part of Sweden
One seventh of the inhabitants of Sweden live on a surface half the size of the country. This area offers you a lot of space, fresh air and clear waters. This represents a majestic and impressing scenario. The midnight sun, the northern lights, the old culture of Lapland, the fishing, hunting, and the adventures in the dog sleigh. An exotic vacation that you will remember for the rest of your life. In the northern part of Sweden, Lapland is not the only region. There are several different regions, all of them with a personal touch and atmosphere, but all of them have one thing in common: the blue conture of the mountains in the horizon, miles and miles of forests and thousands of small lakes and ponds. Magnific mansions, decorated in the most beautiful ways, some people actually call them the “Castle of the Peasants”. These must be visited, such as the famous “HälsingeHambo”, a spectacular manifestation of traditional dance. There lives and old ethnic group in Lapland, Samis, people that still speak their original language, and that still keep their old traditions alive.

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