The land of the Midnight Sun


  MALMÖ and the Islands of Sweden
The south of Sweden offers you a discreet amenity in the cities with their medieval castles. An amazing landscape full of life and a handicraft traditional culture. The peace and quiet takes over cities with an idyllic atmosphere and the forests surrounding them, but here you can find a vacation paradise full of life, attractions and cultural events! One of the most important cities of the country is Malmö, the third largest city of Sweden, and the capital of the region Skåne. Here you have many interesting things to visit, and it takes only about two hours to travel by car from one coast to another. The history lives through remainings of viking villages, and villages from the Bronze Age. Hundreds of forts, castles and mansions dating back to the Middle Ages, tell you the story about the culture and the last centuries. The characteristic landscape and the special atmosphere of the islands Öland and Gotland bring back fascinating memories from ancient times, but the peace of these amazing locations doesn’t stop the nightlife of the medieval city Visby, that has a Middle Age festival each summer! Peace and calm, or crazy nightlife: The choice is yours!

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