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Stockholm panorama
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Stockholm - City Hall

Stockholm - Globen

Stockholm - Gamla Stan
  STOCKHOLM - '' The Beauty on Water''
In the central part of Sweden you find many of the tourist attractions of this beautiful country, starting with Stockholm, one of the most fascinating capitals of the world, continuing with the region Dalarna, the soul of the swedish culture.
Picturesque cities, historical centres, castles and rune stones, all of this in a big coctail of nature and culture. Stockholm has many museums and monuments that are worth seeing, you can go on a bus sightseeing, or take one of the sightseeing boats.
During the summer time you can take a swim or go fishing in central Stockholm, and during the night you can go dancing in one of the many night clubs and discotheques around Stureplan. There is a place for everyone.
Stockholm is a city that tells you its story through the narrow, cobblestoned streets in Gamla Stan- the old part of the city, the famous museums and monuments. If you have the possibility, visit the archipelago of Stockholm, with its ca 24.000 islands, this is guaranteed to leave you stunned.
If you visit Stockholm during the winter, you can go iceskating on the frozen lakes of the city.


Gamla Stan: The old part of the city. This is where you find all the historical monuments and all kinds of bars, restaurants and cafées. It feels like you have returned to the Middle Ages.
The Vasa Museum: This is where they keep the royal ship Vasa, that went down in 1628, and was recovered in 1961.
The Nordic Museum: Here you will learn about swedish traditions and about the vikings.
The Royal Palace: The home of the Royal Family.
City Hall: City hall of Stockholm, this is where the Nobel dinner takes place.
Kaknästornet: The highest tower of Scandinavia (155 m), from here you can see the entire city.
Gröna Lund: Amusement park situated on the island of Djurgården.
Archipelago: Take a tour around the archipelago. A must see!
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The Stockholm's archipelago

Iceskating on lakes

Stockholm - The Royal Palace

Gröna Lund for day and evening fun!

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