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    LAZIO is situated in the central part of Italy, on the western side and is bounded to the rest of Italy by a mountain chain that contains many interesting mountain groups with volcanic heritage that has been the origin of many beautiful lakes like Bolsena and Bracciano. The flat land of the region is divided into two parts; Maremma and Campagna Romana. The 300 km long coast is low, mixed with sandy beaches, deep bays and mountain capes. The climate is mostly mild, except in the mountain areas where it often is hot in the summer, but cold during the winter.

All time ages and historical eras are represented in Lazio through prehistoric evidence such as roads, bridges, aqueducts, monuments, palaces, churches, towers, boxes, countless paintings and art pieces.
The main tourist attraction is the capital of Italy, Rome, also known as “The Eternal City”. Rome offers its' visitors a lot of architecture, art treasures, antique remainings, fountains, restaurants and a sparkling and colourful popular life. The most famous attractions are for example the Colosseum, Fontana di Trevi, The Spanish Steps and the Vatican City with the famous St. Peters' church, that also makes Rome the centre of Christianity. A european music festival is held in Rome in june and a balet festival in july - august. You can also combine your visit with a couple of days of beach vacation in Ladispoli that is situated approximately 40 km outside the city and is known as “The beach of Rome”.

Other locations that are worth a visit are the old etruscan areas like Tarquinis, Cerveteri and Viterbo, or destinations of great natural beauty like the National park Circeo that is situated in the south in a flat landscape with small forests and lakes which stretch out in the sea at a cape of lime cliffs. Here you also find the wonderful Pontin archipelago with its' rocky coast with high cliffs and caves where pirates once were resting between their raids.
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