Danube Delta
A unique nature paradise in Romania!

A typical delta house
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Pelican colony

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    In Dobrogea, the south eastern part of Romania you find the famous Danube Delta, a amazing nature area where hundreds of animal-,fish and bird species create a unique environment. Danube- the second longest river of Europe flows through eight countries and flows into the Black Sea.

The delta has three canals and the 120km long Chilia is the largest. These canals with their many side canals comprise a large area of small islands, lakes, swamps, sand dunes, forests etc. The larger part of the delta however is water. Here are thousands of plant- and animal species, some of them are unique for the area.

Over 300 different bird species visit the area, many of them are migratory birds that stop here during their journey. The most famous one is the pelican, the delta has the largest pelican colony of Europe, but also birds like stork, swans, silver herons and herons are nesting here. There are also wild boars, fox, wolves, bears, hares, polecats and wild cats in the swamps, the forests and the small islands. A large number of different fish species (over 150) are also represented in the waters of the delta and among them you find the famous sturgeon. Here there are many water animals like otter, mink and the bison rat. All of this makes the delta a wonderful universe for nature lovers ans fishermen. Many of the inhabitants of the area make their living in fishing.

In 1990 the area became protected by UNESCO and today there are 18 nature reserves. You have to have a special permission to access these areas.

If you want to visit the delta there are several accomodation alternatives. You can choose to stay on the mainland in the seaport Tulcea and make daily excursions with boats to the delta, or live on a floating hotel in the delta from where you can make cruises on the channels of the delta.

TULCEA is the most important city of the region and it works as a gate way to the delta area.
The city is built on seven hills and is influenced by the turkish style. This old market city is today a important harbour and the most important fishing centre of Romania. Among the attractions of Tulcea we can mention: *The delta museum (ornitological, acquarium etc.) that gives a good overlook over the flora and the fauna *The etnographic museum *The Azzizie mosque.

Some important locations worth mentioning in the Danube delta: the city Sulina, the villages Babadag, Murghiol, Chilia Veche, Crisan, Enisala, Gura Portitei.

The Danube delta – A unique nature paradise in Romania!

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