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  1. BOOKING AND CONFIRMATION OF THE TRIP: After the booking occasion a booking confirmation will be sent. The Customer has the obligation to check that all information is correct. Eventual remarks must be reported immediately to the travel agency. Oral promises should be confirmed in writing so that we can be able to refer to it in a possible dispute.
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  2. APPLICATION FEE and FINAL PAYMENT: Application fee: 25% of the travel price (if no other special conditions are present for respective housing object), however at least 300:-/person. Final payment: at latest 7 days before departure if nothing else is stated. This may be done through postal giro or bank giro service. Always save the receipts!

  3. CANCELLATION INSURANCE: 95 SEK/pers when cancelling a bustrip. (Applies at cancellation in connection with sickness.) For others, cancellation insurance applies through European Travel Insurances which cost 6 % of the assuranced amount. Both must be signed at the booking occasion!

  4. TRAVEL INSURANCE: Prices for groups and individuals. Contact the travel agency for price proposals!

  5. SKI RENTAL: On the ski resort it is possible to rent equipment both for downhill skiing, cross-country skiing and eventual snowboard. For prices and further instructions contact the travel agency.

  6. SKI SCHOOL: On the ski resort for all types of skiers. Ask us for prices!

  7. ACCOMMODATION: The prices for hotel are per person, part in double room. Contact our travel agency for prices on singlerooms or flerbäddsrum. The prices for apartments are price per person in respective apartment. If there would be less people in the aparment than stated, charge for empty beds will be taken. Check with the travel agency if towels, bedclothes, electricity, water and gas is included in the price. In any other case ask for price!
  8. DEPOSITION: Deposition may occur at housing in apartment. The amount will be paid on spot an will be repaid at the home journey after control of the apartment and approval from the apartmentowner. Contact the travel agency for further information.

  9. MEALS: According to order. At half board breakfast will be served and one other meal, lunch or dinner, according to agreement with the travel agency in Sweden, hotel or our representative on spot. Observe that table drink is not always included in the price. Eventual charges will be paid on the spot! Contact the travel agency for further information.

  10. COURIER: Courier will be enclosed at group bustravel. For other travels, please contact the travel agency for further information.

  11. COMPLAINTS: Eventual observation will be reported to the courier on the spot (if present), in any other case, to the responsible person of the hotel/apartment, or contact the travel agency in Sweden immediately. For further directions please look at Conditions of Travel.

  12. TRIPS: Contact the travel agency for programs and priceproposals concerning trips and other arrangements which will be organized on respective ski resort.

  13. IMPORTANT! We reserve us for any print errors and eventual price changes that stands outside of our control or in connection with new currency rates.

  14. OTHERS: We refer to Conditions of Travel and General Conditions of Travel (last-mentioned will be ordered fom the travel agency).
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