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  A country that has to be visited during your time in Scandinavia is Finland, the land of the thousand lakes (actually there are about 100.000). This country, apart from the other Scandinavian countries, has developed through the influence of different countries (specially Russia). Inspite the events of the last century,that affected entire Europe, and the russian influence, Finland is an authentic autonomy.

Many cities keep their historical centres intact, charateristic by the wooden houses in a typical nordic style. Along the shores of the many lakes you can rent houses like this, and in many of them it is possible to have a real finnish sauna. Here you also find the Samis. In the rest of Scandinavia they normally live in the northern parts of the countries.

The climate is temperated, the humidity is low and the air is prickly. The food reminds you of the french kitchen, but the soups, the fish dishes and the sweets are typically for these parts of Scandinavia. We recommend you to try the trout, the pike, the salmon and the baltic herring.

Even though there is a reduction in the poplation, but this does not stop Finland from having a very rich culture life, specially during the summer when many cities rent locations to arrange different events, like concerts and theatres. In september many cities on the coast celebrate the Baltic Herring. The peace and calm that characterise this population will affect you as well, and this will help you spend your time in Finland in a relaxing and original way!

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LOCATION:North eastern Europe AREA: 338.145 Km/p. POPULATION: ca 4,9 milion inhabitants POLITICAL SYSTEM: Parliamentary Republic .CAPITAL: Helsinki. OTHER IMPORTANT CITIES: Tampere, Turku, LANGUAGE: Finnish (minority languages :laponian, swedish). CURRENCY: Finnish marks. RELIGION: A majority are a part of the Lutheran church, a minortiy of greek-ortodox and catholics TIME DIFFERENCE: GMT +02.00

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