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The vacation in Scandinavia means that you will have an original vacation, in countries that during the warm months of the year show all positive aspects: the fresh air, the intense green color of the forests, the nights full of colours. These countries will fascinate the tourists that are looking for a vacation that contains everything: Relaxation, culture, sports, entertainment, beautiful surroundings. Scandinavia has everything you’re looking for in a vacation!

Why go to Scandinavia with Continent Holiday & Travel ?

- We have many years experience of Scandinavia, and we can help you find the vacation that suits you.

- Since we are located in central Stockholm, as many of the other representants of other countries in Scandinavia, Continent Holiday&Travel has built a large contact net. This makes us possible to give you a personalized and comfortable vacation.

- Through our agency you can book your flights, bus tickets etc. We also help you with your hotel bookings, or any excursions you wish to go on, such as the big tourists attractions, but also places that only the locals get to see.

- We are always at your disposal, and we will try to help you as much as possible with your requests.

When travelling with us, You won't just be a regular tourist, but a real Guest!

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